EasyGenie Kids KitPedigree charts 10 sheetsblue genealogy forms packetFamily group sheets bundle

EasyGenie® forms make it easy to organize and present your family research! The forms are printed in the USA on archival-quality, acid-free paper that won’t yellow or crumble. These custom forms were designed with ease-of-use and readability in mind, with clear fonts, logical organization, and lots of space to record important genealogy data.

NEW: A special genealogy kit for kids. See details here. Check out the EasyGenie® Blank Genealogy Forms Bundle (7 types of forms/50 sheets) or the large-format EasyGenie® 10 Blank Pedigree Charts bundle (8 generations/256 names per sheet).

Other items include a family group sheets bundle to help organize research into specific families, and the blank fan charts with family members bundle, a feature not found on any other commercially available product!