10 Blank Pedigree Charts for Genealogists (8 Generations/256 Names Per Sheet)

EasyGenie 10 Blank Pedigree ChartsGet 10 Blank Pedigree Charts to organize and present 8 generations of family research! Custom genealogy forms byEasyGenie® are designed with ease-of-use and readability in mind, with clear fonts, logical organization, and lots of space to record genealogy data such as names, dates, and other information.

The blank pedigree charts are 17 inches wide and 22 inches tall (see image below), and are folded to 8.5 by 11 inches for easy storage and mailing. The genealogy charts are printed on high-quality archival paper that won’t yellow or crumble. A great gift for anyone who wants to build a family tree.


  • 10 sheets total, black ink on white archival-quality, acid-free paper that won’t yellow or crumble
  • Each sheet is 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall, folded to 8.5” by 11” for easy storage & mailing
  • A single pedigree chart covers 8 generations with spaces for 256 names
  • Clean design that’s easy to read & easy to annotate
  • Perfect for genealogy buffs as well as professional genealogists
  • Made in USA.
Publisher ($15.99) Amazon ($18.99)

Whether you are working with data from Ancestry.com, taking notes from a recent genealogy road trip, or interviewing older relatives, these pedigree charts are great for building your family tree.

Scaled-down image of the chart: