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9 Generation Blank Fan Chart + Family Members (22 x 17 inches, single sheet)

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✅ Unique feature: extra cells for the spouse and up to 11 children!

✅ Archival-quality, acid-free paper won't yellow or crumble

✅ Printed on thick, archival quality paper on offset press  

✅ 22 wide by 17 inches tall, folded to 8.5" x 11" for easy filing

✅ A great genealogy gift that's printed in the USA!

The single-sheet 9 Generation Fan Chart with Family Members by EasyGenie is a perfect gift for genealogy researchers who need to track ancestors and preserve the information for many decades to come! This fan chart is unlike other genealogy forms and charts. It covers 8 generations, with a unique bonus feature -- additional cells for a spouse and up to 11 children! Trace nine generations in all -- each cell in the fan chart is numbered, and can hold up to 255 names, along with 12 additional lettered cells for the spouse and children.

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** Note: This item is also part of 10 Blank Fan Charts with Family Members (9 Generations/267 Names) **  

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