Artistic Family Trees

Now that you have researched your ancestors, how about adding an artistic touch to your genealogy?

EasyGenie has partnered with Artistic Calligraphy to create unique family trees using handmade calligraphy. These gorgeous representations of your family history are suitable for framing and make a fantastic gift that will be treasured by your children, grandchildren, and others for generations to come.

This page describes the requirements for creating an artistic family tree. Please use the checklist/contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the calligrapher.

How does it work?

It all starts with your research. Provide an existing tree (printout, hand-written, or filled-in PDF) with names, dates, locations, and other notes. Then choose options such as:

    • EasyGenie designs printed on acid-free paper
    • Custom designs that include ornamented titles and other graphic elements.
    • Calligraphy script styles
    • Ink color(s)

Artistic Calligraphy will provide an estimate based on the number of names, paper type, ink, and other options. The larger the tree, the more time it will require, which will impact costs and delivery dates.

Sample calligraphy

Above: Family Group Sheet (8.5 x 11 inches). A second page allows for up to 17 children of the primary couple. Below: Details from the Family Group Sheet.

Above: Large Print Six-Generation Pedigree Chart (17 x 22 inches). Below: Close-up from the same chart.

Above: Nine-Generation Fan Chart (22 by 17 inches). Below: Detail from the same chart.

Information we need

The skilled calligraphers who will prepare your tree require information from you, including personal preferences and the names and dates that will appear in the tree.

How many generations/people? Artistic Calligraphy can work with trees as small as three generations, or as large as 10 generations. The gallery at the top of this page includes images of an EasyGenie family group sheet (3 generations) as well as a large print six-generation chart, which has spaces for 64 people.

Note that the more names, dates, and other information that are included, the higher the cost will be and the longer the chart will take to prepare.

A smaller standard chart such as a Family Group Sheet (8.5 by 11 inches, two pages) can be completed within a few weeks and might cost $300.

A larger format chart like the large-print six-generation pedigree chart (17 by 22 inches) with all 64 names included might cost $800 and take 6 weeks to complete from the submission of final data. An even more complex chart, such as the nine-generation fan chart with several hundred names will take more time and result in a higher cost.  

Preferred style? Are you looking for a standard pedigree chart or fan chart showing the ancestors of a single person? Or are you looking for something custom that includes children, special annotations, or special types of paper or ink? During the initial consultation with Artistic Calligraphy these options can be discussed.

Source data? Ideally, a hard copy of all of your genealogy data will form the basis of your artistic tree. You will need to provide a legible handwritten, printed, or PDF version of the tree containing the names and other information to be included. If you want to provide a link to a digital tree, there will be an additional charge for extracting the data required for the artistic tree. Names, dates, and locations should be spelled carefully since the spelling you submit will appear in the final chart.

Printouts from software programs are one possibility. You can also prepare the data using the fillable PDFs from EasyGenie, which let you type data into the PDF, save it on your computer, and send it to Artistic Calligraphy.

The data you provide will only be used to prepare the calligraphy, and will not be publicly shared or posted.  

Time considerations? Calligraphy is an art form, and the process cannot be rushed. Once you, the client, has gone through the initial checklist (see below) and have discussed the project with Artistic Calligraphy, there is a period encompassing several weeks or months as the calligrapher prepares the tree.

How the process works

  1. Client provides contact information and fills out basic checklist, below.
  2. Artistic Calligraphy will reach out to discuss project details and pricing. This will include an initial phone consultation.
  3. Calligrapher prepares a custom quote and agreement for the client. A 50% deposit is required.
  4. Client submits hard copy of genealogy data to be included in the tree.
  5. Calligrapher prepares a draft version of the tree based on source data provided by the client.
  6. Client reviews draft tree, and identifies errors or issues that need to be addressed.
  7. Calligrapher prepares the final version of tree using archival-grade ink, incorporating new details and corrections.
  8. Calligrapher prepares high-resolution scanned copy of completed artistic tree.  
  9. Artistic Calligraphy sends original calligraphy and digital files to client upon receipt of balance and shipping due.