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5 Generation Large Print Pedigree Chart for Adoptees and Family Members (17 x 22 inches, single sheet)

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✅ 5-generation circle chart (17 by 22 inches, single sheet, folded)

✅ Large print text fields make it easy to enter names, dates, and other information.

✅ Includes two-sided instruction sheet

✅ Acid-free paper will last for many decades in low-humidity storage

Why use this genealogy sheet:

This pedigree chart for adoptees shows four lines: Adoptive mother, adoptive father, biological mother, and biological father.

Use it as a worksheet for your research, or fill them in to display in your home or share with relatives. This set comes with basic instructions for getting started and conducting further research.

Whether you are doing research for yourself, a family member, or an ancestor, or are getting the set for a friend, this pedigree chart will help visualize family lines for adoptees, their parents, their children, and siblings.


Made in the USA on acid-free paper that won't yellow or crumble. The pedigree chart is printed on a 17 x 22 inch sheet of paper using an offset press, and is folded for easy storage and mailing.