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Family Group Sheet for Adoptees and Family (7 double-sided sheets)

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✅ 7 two-sided family group sheets for adoptees

✅ Space for up to 13 children on each sheet

✅ Large print text make it easy to enter names, dates, and other information

✅ Includes two-sided instruction sheet

✅ Acid-free paper will last for many decades in low-humidity storage

Why use these genealogy sheets

These family group sheets are unique, and were designed especially for families with adopted members. Size: 8.5 by 11 inches, with spaces for both adoptive and biological parents on the front side, as well as up to 13 adopted children and their spouses on the back side. Record basic vital data about each person as well as notes relating to occupation, place of residence, and more.

Whether you are doing research for yourself, a family member, or an ancestor, or are getting the set for a friend, these family group sheets will help visualize family lines for adoptees, their parents, their children, and siblings.