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Big Genealogy Charts Sampler

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NOTE: This sampler comes in two variations - folded (default) and unfolded. UNFOLDED IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.

What's inside

✅ 10 Generation Blank Pedigree Chart + Kids (22 x 36 inches, single sheet

✅ LARGE PRINT 6 Generation Pedigree Chart for Ancestry (17 x 22 inches, single sheet

✅ 8 Generation Blank Pedigree Chart (17 x 22 inches, single sheet)

✅ 9 Generation Fan Chart with Family Members (22 x 17 inches, single sheet

Why use this genealogy sampler

The EasyGenie Big Genealogy Charts Sampler includes all four of our large-format ancestry charts, including designs you won't find anywhere else! 

The sampler includes the large print six generation pedigree chart (22 x 17 inches) to the HUGE 10 Generation Blank Pedigree Chart + Kids (22 x 36 inches). The forms allow you to trace back ancestry hundreds of years, and several designs even include children of the primary couple!

Manufacturing & shipping

The forms are printed on high-quality, acid-free paper on an offset press, and will last for generations if stored in a dry, cool place.

Four sheets total. Chose from unfolded (shipped in a sturdy USPS Priority Mail tube) or folded for easy storage and shipping.

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