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DELUXE Archival-quality pen and pencil set

DELUXE Archival-quality pen and pencil set

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What's included

✅ TWO pens with archival-quality BLACK ink (one fine point, one medium point).

✅ TWO pens with archival-quality BLUE ink (one fine point, one medium point).

✅ FOUR pre-sharpened pencils for genealogy worksheets and "penciling in" names.

✅ ONE premium eraser for removing pencil markup.

✅ ONE metal sharpener for pencils.

✅ Pens and pencils work with all EasyGenie paper forms printed on acid-free paper.

Why use these genealogy accessories

For genealogists preparing charts and worksheets to last 100 years or more, this deluxe archival pen and pencil set is a perfect match for EasyGenie paper forms!

It includes four pens with archival-quality ink (two black, two blue, fine and medium tips). They are easy to hold and will help preserve your genealogy research for hundreds of years (Per the Library of Congress website, "good quality paper stored in good conditions (cooler temperatures; 30-40% relative humidity) are able to last a long time - even hundreds of years.")

The set also includes four pre-sharpened pencils for worksheets, notebooks, and "penciling in" names and dates you may not be certain of. A sturdy metal pencil sharpener can keep you going for hours. The premium eraser included with the set can easily erase pencil markup when you are ready to use the pens.

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