Frequently asked questions about EasyGenie® charts and forms.

Where are EasyGenie genealogy charts and forms made?

Printing and other production steps take place in two facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Larger forms are printed on offset presses. All genealogy paper we sell is printed on an acid-free, heavier paper stock which will last for many decades if not hundreds of years under optimal storage conditions. 

Who is the publisher?

The publisher of EasyGenie charts and forms is i30 Media Corp., a registered Massachusetts corporation founded by Ian Lamont in 2013. We've been publishing EasyGenie charts and forms since 2016, and also publish the IN 30 MINUTES book series. 

How far back do EasyGenie charts go?

The farthest a single EasyGenie chart goes back is 10 generations, which will take some people back to about 1600 on some lines. 

I can trace my ancestors to the 1400s. Why don't you sell charts that can go back that far?

Our 10-generation pedigree chart is about 3 feet tall and nearly two feet wide, folded to 9" by 11" for easy storage and shipping. It is hard to make charts that go back further than 10 generations, as each new generation will double the number of numbered spaces required, greatly increasing the dimensions. For instance, a complete 15-generation chart using standard pedigree layouts would be nearly 100 feet on its longest dimension!

Note that all of our charts have two numbering systems, one for each person (on a 10-generation chart, 1,024 numbers) as well as the chart itself. So you can daisy chain them, for instance, note that chart #1 person #869 connects to chart #2 person #1, and so on.

Can I use EasyGenie forms with a home printer?

EasyGenie has fillable PDF genealogy forms that enable you to type names and dates onto the forms using Adobe Reader (Windows/macOS), which can then be printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper. The genealogy PDFs may be delivered as part of a .zip archive, which can be easily opened on a home PC (instructions here). 

Can I make copies of the charts?

You control your own genealogy data, and you can make copies of the charts for personal use or to give to family. You cannot copy blank forms and sell them online or through any other sales channel, or use the EASYGENIE® trademark on other products or websites without permission from the publisher. If you are interested in licensing or other publishing scenarios, please contact us

For EasyGenie genealogy PDFs, you can print or copy the PDFs as many times as needed for personal use, but online sharing or resale is against EasyGenie's terms. To share fillable PDFs via email with relatives or friends, please purchase additional copies as needed.

When I type into your fillable genealogy PDFs, the text looks funny

EasyGenie fillable genealogy PDFs are designed for the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application on a standard desktop PC or laptop (Windows or Mac). If your default PDF software is something else (such as a Web browser, Microsoft Office, or Mac Preview) the genealogy PDFs may display off-center text or other issues. Adobe Acrobat is free to download (you don't need Adobe Acrobat Pro).

Why can't I use the fillable PDFs on my phone?

On a mobile device or tablet, there may be additional steps required to save, open, or print the PDFs, which is why we recommend using a standard home computer or laptop instead.

Why can't EasyGenie fillable PDFs integrate with family trees on Ancestry?

Ancestry's business model is built around control of genealogy data and forcing people to pay for expensive annual subscriptions. The company doesn't like sharing data with other services, and does not permit PDFs from other companies to directly import family tree data stored on Ancestry.com.

What if I export a GEDCOM file from Ancestry? Can I import it into the EasyGenie PDF? 

Adobe (which makes the popular Adobe Reader software for PDFs) does not support direct import of GEDCOM files into PDFs. 

Do you sell PDFs of your 10-generation pedigree chart?

Sorry, we don't sell PDF versions of the 10-generation chart, but we do have a large-format six-generation fillable PDF which can print to 8.5" x 11" paper at home or poster size (17" by 22") using a professional printing service.  

We also sell standard genealogy PDFs that are 8.5 by 11 inches, which home users can print out. 

Why use paper forms when it's so easy to store data on a computer?

Online services are great for capturing, sharing, and scaling large collections of genealogy data. But where they fall short is longevity.

What happens when your Ancestry.com subscription lapses? It's easy enough to say "store it in the cloud" or "we have a backup," but as many users of genealogical websites and software tools from previous decades know, such tools may themselves shut down or no longer be supported!

If your data is locked up by a company like Ancestry or wiped clean when a cloud service provider loses your data, years of hard work may be lost forever.

We are not proposing that people transfer all of their data to paper forms or our fillable genealogy PDFs. But paper forms printed and PDF printouts are perfect for recording core data and research notes that you can refer to for decades to come, can pass down to the next generation, or share with relatives who do not have access to Ancestry or other types of genealogy apps.

Importantly, with EasyGenie forms, you control your data, whether it's written by hand, printed out at home, saved on your hard drive, or shared with close relatives.

I am totally new to genealogy. How do I get started?

It's never too late to research your family history! Focus on research that is well sourced - living relatives, vital records, or others who have carefully researched and checked their findings. Start with yourself and then work backwards, using vital records or other trusted sources to connect the generations. It's OK to leave blank spaces in your family tree until you verify information that can confirm a person's identity.

If you are looking for basic charts to help with your research, check out our genealogy starter kits for beginners (normal print/large print). Another resource is the award-winning Genealogy Basics In 30 Minutes by professional genealogist Shannon Combs-Bennett. 

Where is my package?

EasyGenie ships all orders within two business days. Please use the tracking link including in your shipping confirmation to see where your package is.  

Some customers may experience delays or missing packages. If tracking indicate the package was delivered, check to see if the package was left in a different location on your property than usual.

EasyGenie is not responsible for confirmed deliveries that are stolen or misplaced.    

What is your return policy?

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Other restrictions apply. Please visit https://easygenie.org/policies/refund-policy for more details.

Do you ship internationally?

EasyGenie can ship to most countries and territories. Please note that international shipping rates depend upon the weight of the shipment and the service used. Some shipments may be subject to import taxes that the buyer will have to pay. 

The newsletter mentions affiliate links. What are those?

Affiliate links are similar to referral fees. The EasyGenie blog may include product promotions or paid affiliate links to other vendors. If you click them and end up purchasing something from one of those other vendors, i30 Media Corporation (the parent company of EasyGenie charts and forms) receives a small payment from that vendor. You won't pay extra if you use these links and end up buying something.  

My question isn't answered here. How can I get in touch?

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