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Today's genealogy, tomorrow's heirloom

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"Sometimes, you just need to see everything laid out. These are perfect." ✅

Linda D.

On this gem I can enter legibly all my great-great-great-great grandparents all the way back to the 1590s! I can fold it up in my notebook to use at the library. The paper is sensual ... nice touch, and it loves ink, tape, and thumbtacks. ✅


They are beautifully printed on heavy, high quality paper. I will be incorporating them in binders of my family history that I'm putting together for family members. Perfect for my needs! ✅

Jimmy D.

My husband gave these to me for Christmas. The paper stock these are printed on is absolutely phenomenal! I can’t wait to get more and different templates! ✅


"Family trees are very hard to follow on a computer, so these charts are most helpful." ✅


I like that these fold out from an 8-1/2 x 11 size. They fit in notebooks and are big enough to chart your ancestors. With the 10-pack, I am doing that many branches of the family and, to be honest, I'll need to get another 10-pack. ✅

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