EasyGenie Genealogy Stories Kit is here!

Organize and preserve the stories of ancestors ... before they're forgotten!

All EasyGenie charts are printed on acid-free paper to stand the test of time.

A secure way to preserve key genealogy information and share it with trusted family.

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The idea behind the EasyGenie Genealogy Stories Kit came from something that many genealogists know: Stories about our ancestors are often the most interesting pieces of information, yet few genealogy tools are available for you to document this type of research.

• Stories paint a picture of a time and place.

• Stories explain the why behind ancestors' decisions.

• Stories add details which may not otherwise be apparent.

• Stories are the glue that hold families together.

• Recollections and anecdotes have importance beyond their nostalgic value.

• Stories bind us and our ancestors to history, from local events to global movements.

Genealogy Dossier records ancestors' stories, from growing up to moves & migration (10 sheets)

Extended Family Branch Worksheet tracks families across generations (5 sheets)

Extended Family Notes give a "big picture" view of the family (5 sheets)

Visual Family Group Sheet (5 sheets) and 5-Generation Pedigree Chart (5 sheets) visualize extended family connections

Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch acid-free paper in the USA

"My relatives aren't interested in clicking around my 560-person tree on Ancestry. I need a paper equivalent."


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