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10 Generation Blank Pedigree Chart + Kids (22 x 36 inches, single sheet)

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✅ HUGE: Nearly 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall with numbered spaces for 1,024 ancestors!
✅ UNIQUE FEATURE: 16 extra cells for children of the source couple
✅ Single sheet folds to 9” by 11” for easy storage & mailing
✅ Thick, archival-quality paper won't turn yellow or crumble
✅ Printed in the USA on an offset press

Why use these genealogy sheets

This LARGE FORMAT blank pedigree chart can help you organize and present 10 generations of family research! The blank pedigree chart is HUGE: nearly two feet wide and three feet tall (folded to 9 by 11 inches for convenient storage and mailing). There is enough space to record 1,024 names, each numbered for easy cross-referencing.

The pedigree chart also contains a unique feature: cells for up to 16 children of the primary couple. No other 10-generation pedigree chart offers this feature!


The genealogy chart is printed on high-quality archival paper on an offset printer. The paper won’t yellow or crumble, and will last many decades if properly stored. 

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