10-generation UNFOLDED genealogy pedigree charts available now!

10-generation UNFOLDED genealogy pedigree charts available now!

Ten-generation UNFOLDED pedigree charts are now available! The 10-generation pedigree charts are the biggest EasyGenie genealogy charts we sell, not only in terms of the number of generations covered (10 generations/1,024 numbered spaces), but also the sheer size of the paper - each sheet is nearly 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall! 

It's worth noting that our ten-generation pedigree charts have a unique feature you won't find anywhere else: cells for up to 16 children of the primary couple. The unfolded charts are great special projects such as framed genealogy charts, wall posters, or gifts for family members and close friends.

Something else that's unique about the unfolded 10-generation pedigree charts: You can't buy them anywhere else - not Amazon, nor any of the specialist genealogy retailers we work with. These large-format unfolded genealogy charts really do require extra TLC for storage and shipping that no one else can provide. They don't sit rolled up in a warehouse somewhere for months on end, which can lead to curl that's hard to correct. Rather, the blank genealogy sheets lie flat until someone places an order. Nicole packs them carefully, first rolling them up lengthwise in a protective sheet of brown packing paper and then placing them in special USPS Priority Mail tubes to protect them during shipping.

As with all of our large format chats, the unfolded sheets are printed on an offset press using high-quality, acid-free paper stock that will last for many years if properly stored (per the Library of Congress recommendation, low-temperature and low humidity storage). Buy the unfolded genealogy sheets in sets of 10 sheets, or 10 sheets with our 5-piece archival-quality pen set (currently, a savings of $12.99 off MSRP).

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