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TEN Blank Fan Charts with Family Members (9 Generations/267 Names)

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✅ TEN sheets total
✅ Each fan chart covers 9 generations, with spaces for 267 names.
✅ UNIQUE fan chart feature: Drop-down cells for the spouse and up to 11 children!
✅ 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall, 10 sheets total, folded to 8.5” by 11” for easy storage
✅ A great genealogy gift that's made in the USA!

Most fan charts detail parents, grandparents, and other ancestors going back in time. The EasyGenie large-format fan charts not only cover 8 generations of ancestors, but also come with a unique bonus feature - additional drop-down cells for a spouse and up to 11 children!

On a single sheet, trace nine generations in all
-- each cell in the fan chart is numbered, and can hold up to 267 names, including ancestors, a spouse, and children.

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