6 free genealogy sites that aren't FamilySearch

6 free genealogy sites that aren't FamilySearch

"I have been using Find-a-grave and FamilySearch websites to find family information. I don't have the money to get Ancestry. I was wondering if you know of any other free genealogy sites that I can find more information."

This question came from a customer named Tammy. I totally understand this concern. We don't use Ancestry for the same reason. Here are some wonderful free genealogy sites for research:

NARA website

National Archives: The NARA website requires lots of clicking, but there is some genealogy gold to be found including certain types of census maps, Native American records, land records, tax records, and more. Bonus: If you visit a NARA facility in person, you can access Ancestry.com and Fold3 military records for free! (National Archives)

WikiTree: "The free family tree" aims to create a single tree for humanity, but in a way that's more rigorously checked than FamilySearch's similar effort. Results frequently appear on Google, but you can also use WikiTree search.

DNA Painter: This is a tool for chromosome mapping - taking the results of DNA kits and matching segments of genetic material to specific family lines or ancestors. This video by genealogist Blaine Bettinger explains how it works. (DNA Painter)

3 free sites for Irish genealogy records: Check out the database of Townlands (small rural villages), a Townland name search, and John Grenham's online Parish/Poor Law Union maps as well as a tool to search Irish surname distribution.

Free Charts: Finally, the EasyGenie website has a bunch of free chart PDF downloads including the 5-generation pedigree chart, the cemetery record PDF, and the extended family notes fillable genealogy PDF. You will be taken through the checkout process but will not need to submit credit card information if you are only downloading the free forms. Make as many copies of the PDFs as you want for personal use!

free genealogy site for ancestry charts

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