Can EasyGenie forms use cursive fonts?

Can EasyGenie forms use cursive fonts?

This question popped up after we posted some samples of EasyGenie charts made with professional calligraphy. While the default text entry font for our fillable is Helvetica 10 or 12 point text, which is easier to read, we understand that our customers may want more aesthetically pleasing options. 

Regrettably, the software to design fillable PDFs doesn't support user font choices. An additional issue that arises is whether other fonts can be displayed and printed from customer's Windows PC or Mac without requiring additional downloads. 

Further, because cursive letters tend to be wider, this means a choice between smaller fonts that may be hard to read or print, or larger font sizes that look great but can't handle long names, dates, or other text. 

That said, we LOVE the idea and agree that cursive fonts for our fillable PDFs would be a fun option for people who want to try them. We will be experimenting with this idea in the coming year. 

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