Do you have PDFs of your largest charts?

Do you have PDFs of your largest charts?

We get this question a lot: When will EasyGenie release its biggest charts as fillable PDFs? This includes the EasyGenie 8, 9, and 10-generation pedigree and fan charts printed on paper, which you can see as part of our Big Charts Sampler above. 

We have adapted some of our bigger paper genealogy charts (measuring 17 by 22 inches) to fillable PDFs. They include the large-print blended family pedigree chart mentioned earlier.

However, because most customers print out these 17 x 22 forms on 8.5 x 11 inch home printers of varying quality, the large print charts are the only ones we have adapted to fillable PDFs because they can still be read even if the printer is old, the ink is running out, or the paper quality is poor. Text entered into the charts that are not large print such as the 8-generation charts would be very difficult to read if printed onto 8.5 x 11 paper, because the fields are so small and the printing quality for home printers is so inconsistent.

The other issue that we run up against is the fact that creating the fillable PDFs is very labor intensive. Even the six-generation large-print chart took the better part of a week to set up, organize the fields in tab-able order, and test them on Windows and macOS. An eight-generation chart would take weeks, and our 10-generation pedigree chart (with spaces for more than 1,000 names) would take months.

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