EasyGenie product update: New cursive genealogy PDFs!

EasyGenie product update: New cursive genealogy PDFs!

New cursive genealogy PDFs are on the way! Starting this month, we have additional time to devote to product design, and one of our top priorities is expanding the selection of fillable genealogy PDFs that take cursive text input. A sample is shown above.

We will start by creating a new version of our 6-generation pedigree chart. It will use Aramis, a delightful cursive font inspired by Renaissance handwriting styles.

The original version of the 6-generation chart uses a standard sans-serif font, Helvetica. While it's very practical, EasyGenie customers have asked for something that looks more artistic and beautiful - something that will bring pride to the creator and impress all who see it!

cursive pedigree chart 4 generations

Many of you remember the launch of our smaller 4-generation pedigree chart with Aramis cursive input in early November (currently 25% off). It was a huge hit, downloaded hundreds of times. Here are some of the reviews:


"The new pedigree chart with cursive text entry is excellent. The pdf form is easy to fill out, and the Aramis font gives it an elegant look yet is easy to read (both letters and numbers). Once I complete my research on the fourth generation, I plan on printing the form and gifting copies to my siblings."


"The new fillable PDF gives me all the flexibility I need and the appearance that I want when showing an individual the story of their heritage."


"Gives a pizazz that just isn't there in other program charts."


"When you have worked so hard getting your genealogy information to be as complete and correct as possible, you deserve to have it look as beautiful as possible. With this chart, not only is it easy to input the information, but it comes out looking professionally done. So much better than my scribbles and cross outs!"

We'll keep you updated on the development of the new 6-generation pedigree chart with cursive text input. Sign up for the free EasyGenie newsletter to receive updates about the new cursive genealogy charts and exclusive discounts.

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