Finding Your Roots S9 overview

Finding Your Roots S9 overview

It's early January, and that can only mean one thing: Finding Your Roots is back!

We watched the first episode of Season 9, "Hidden Kin," with Edward Norton and Julia Roberts. There was a big surprise for Julia on her paternal line - I won't spoil it here, so be sure to catch it on your local PBS station or online.

Finding Your Roots S9 overview season 9In our opinion, what really makes Finding Your Roots shine are the wonderful interviews with well-known people who go into the interview not knowing what's going to come out about their families' pasts. It may be touching, troubling, funny, or revealing, but are usually a combination of all of these elements.

Moreover, the personal stories of long-forgotten ancestors not only connect modern-day interviewees with their family history, but also with the history of the United States or the countries immigrant ancestors came from. We always learn something about history and genealogy watching the program. See A genealogy research shortcut from Finding Your Roots: Draft registration cards.

We're really looking forward to some of the other episodes in season 9 of Finding Your Roots. Later this week, Jeff Daniels and Claire Danes will be featured in episode 2, "Salem's Lot." Other guests in Season 9 will include Viola Davis, Brian Cox, and Carol Burnett.

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