Genealogy gift idea: filled-in genealogy charts for non-genealogists

Genealogy gift idea: filled-in genealogy charts for non-genealogists

5 generation pedigree chart for genealogy

Filled-in EasyGenie pedigree and fan charts make great gifts for non-genealogist friends who may not know much beyond their grandparents' generation. It's very easy to do, especially if you have a few data points to start with and are experienced with, Ancestry, or other data sources:

  • Start with acid-free paper charts, such as the five-generation pedigree chart (see image) or the blank fan charts with family members
  • Determine the source person's parents and/or grandparents and their approximate dates of birth. The source person on the chart could be the recipient of the gift or his or her parents.  
  • Start filling in the names, dates, and other information in the spaces provided. Start with the more recent generations and work backwards in time. 
  • Use a pencil if you are not sure, or a "practice chart" to sketch out the details before doing a new copy with better handwriting and without cross-throughs.
  • As you go back further in time, add more details.
  • Print out copies of important documents that the recipient may want to have for future reference, or to learn other details of his or her ancestors. 

Frame the finished chart, or present them in a way that you think the recipient will appreciate.

Filled-in ancestry charts are guaranteed to be a gift that will be appreciated and remembered!

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