Genealogy scam warning: canvas genealogy charts that can't be returned

Genealogy scam warning: canvas genealogy charts that can't be returned

Last year, we warned our customers about scam companies selling genealogy charts online and sometimes confusing EasyGenie with the bad actors (see RECOGNIZING GENEALOGY SCAMS AND PIRATES on our blog). Sadly, the issue has come up again after someone placed a warning on EasyGenie's Facebook page about genealogy charts made out of canvas (!!!) and shipped from overseas ... and a nearly impossible refund process that required shipping charts to China!

We want to reassure our customers that ALL EasyGenie genealogy charts and forms are printed on acid-free paper in the United States and ship within two business days (with USPS or UPS tracking) from our office outside of Boston or our fulfillment partner in Missouri. Our return policy (read it here) is 30 days and never requires overseas shipping for customers located in the United States.

If you ever have a question you can use our contact form or email us at - most questions are answered within one business day, and Nicole and I strive to resolve all customer service concerns quickly and professionally.

What was the genealogy scam?

It turns out that this person had confused us with another website called "Illustraze." You may see this firm promoting canvas genealogy charts on Facebook or Instagram. Customers have reported non-delivery of products, difficulty returning charts, and charts that are impossible to use because they are printed on canvas, not paper. The poor-quality charts may be sold under different brand names on Amazon and elsewhere. Here's a sample:

Genealogy scam chart

Regardless of what you buy online, if you ever encounter a scam online, be aware that many credit cards and online payment services let customers file disputes or chargebacks within a certain period of time. The FTC explains how it works. Check with your bank or credit card company to start the process - not only can you potentially get your money back, it may lead to these companies getting shut down if enough people complain.

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