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Gift idea for dad: Home-brewed beer (and cider!)

My paternal grandfather brewed beer and hard cider during Prohibition. One of my maternal great-grandfathers raised hops. Both of these men inspired a cool gift idea for the dads and granddads in our families: Home-brew beer and cider kits!

In the old days, beer was brewed using metal and glass contraptions. The know-how was passed down from elders, or shared by neighbors. These days, the kits below come with everything you need to get started ... tubing, glassware, plastic tubs, starters, and other components. They also come with clear instructions. The Amazon page even has videos showing the basics!

Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing 6 Gallon

Coopers DIY brew kit

"The Coopers DIY Beer Kit includes everything you need to make and bottle 6 gallons of great tasting beer. A patented fermenter that makes brewing even easier and quicker, and is completely reusable. ... All you need is water, and you will be calling yourself a brew master in no time." (Amazon)

Craft A Brew - Hefewizen

Hefeweizen beer kit

"We began selling our kits at farmers markets in 2010. We proudly assemble each kit by hand in Orlando, FL., where we use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced from the same suppliers of the craft beer industry." (Amazon)

Northern Brewer - Siphonless Starter Kit (Irish Red Ale)

Northern brew beer kit

"The Craft Beer Making Kit is for anyone that enjoys craft beer, has a streak of DIY gumption, and wants a complete kit with a simplified method of beer making. We’ve made our glass Little Big Mouth Bubbler fermenter siphonless, reducing the tools needed and some complexity in the brewing process. Meaning you’ll have an easier and better experience making your first batch." (Amazon)

Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit

Cider kit vs beer kit

"The Hard Cider Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes fermenting hard cider at home simple and fun. Makes 3 batches of hard cider with easy-to-follow videos and instructions. Created by published beer authors, our award-winning kits are made in America and designed to be fermented in any kitchen big or small." (Amazon)


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