The BEST Prime Day genealogy discounts?

The BEST Prime Day genealogy discounts?

Here are the best deals we found for Prime Day genealogy discounts. Check out the DNA kits, document protection, and digital backup sales. Sale items are limited to Prime Day, and only while items are available.

DNA Test Kits, 50% off!

DNA testing can give insights into ethnic and geographic origins. It can also help you find genetic relatives and trace your family tree. We spotted 50% off Prime Day deals on test kits from AncestryDNA ($59, regularly $119), 23andme ($99, regularly $199), and FamilyTreeDNA ($59, regularly $119).

Ancestry DNA



If you are an active Ancestry user, get the AncestryDNA kit. Otherwise, we recommend FamilyTreeDNA - it's a robust service operated by serious genealogists.

LaCie rugged backup, 33% off


This is a fantastic deal, a mini 5TB backup drive discounted to $120 for Prime Day. The ruggedized case is great for bringing your backup on genealogy road trips or places where dirt, dust, and water accumulate such as a cellar or attic. (Amazon)

Fireproof safe, 15% off


Sentry rarely discounts its high-quality safes. We put original genealogy files and family papers in a model like this one. It's fireproof, waterproof, and is just big enough to hold standard 8.5 x 11 papers or charts. (Amazon)


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