Why July 4 is ideal for sharing family history ... and FREE genealogy PDFs!

Why July 4 is ideal for sharing family history ... and FREE genealogy PDFs!

Independence Day weekend is a great time to get together with family. Besides the fireworks and barbecue and parades, July 4 is an opportunity to talk with extended family about genealogy and family history. We guarantee that Uncle Edward and Cousin Veronica will have more family stories, details about particular people, and facts related to education, migration, and occupation than Ancestry and FamilySearch combined!

The questions don't have to be about serious topics, either. When we see family, one of our favorite things to ask about is food:

  • What did your parents make for breakfast or dinner when you were little? 
  • Was there a special dish from grandma's hometown that she loved? 
  • What the best restaurant in town growing up?
  • Who was a talented baker, or made the tastiest holiday dinners?
  • What food or dish from long ago do people no longer eat?
  • What's the best way to cook ________?

Often, questions about food lead to discussions about other aspects of family history, including jobs, hobbies, skills, events, and home life. See it as an opportunity to share memories, and gather information to build out your genealogy for the generations that follow.

Before you connect with relatives on July 4, be sure to take some genealogy charts with you. They are great for sharing findings, explaining relationships, and gathering information from cousins or elders who may know additional details. We have a few free PDF downloads on EasyGenie, including a simple 5-generation pedigree chart and a genealogy interview sheet from our Genealogy Kit for Kids. After your trip, be sure to jot down stories and other information that you can add to your family tree. 

Happy 4th!

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