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Genealogy PDF Download: 1870 Federal Census Household Tracker (Helvetica, 8.5 x inches)

Genealogy PDF Download: 1870 Federal Census Household Tracker (Helvetica, 8.5 x inches)

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✅ Type names, personal details, and research notes using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app (Windows or macOS)

✅ Room for 15 household members, and extra fields for notes.

✅ Print on standard 11 by 8.5 inch paper, or save to your hard drive.

✅ Make as many copies as you need for personal use. Update with new information as needed!

✅ Your data remains private and under your control for as long as you want!

The fillable 1870 Federal Census Household Tracker PDF download by EasyGenie gives genealogists a better way to track household members than hard-to-read scans or incorrect online transcriptions.

Type in information is entered into an easy-to-understand horizontal format - no more tilting the page to read entries!

The forms include basic details gleaned from the 1870 census such as name and occupation, as well as crucial information that appeared for the first time ever:

  • Names of African Americans who were formerly enslaved
  • Whether the person had foreign-born parents
  • Citizenship status of adult males

On each sheet, there is room for 15 household members, including parents, children, relatives, boarders, and tenants. Extra fields let genealogists record the names of related families, birth year of household members, and other research notes.

Additional Notes for the 1870 genealogy PDF

This fillable PDF is optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program for Windows/Mac (follow these instructions to download it for free) for opening, reading, and entering text into form-enabled PDFs. Use a standard desktop PC or laptop to open, save, and print the PDFs, as it is difficult to work with fillable PDFs on a mobile phone.

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