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Genealogy Stories Kit (5 Fillable PDF Forms)

Genealogy Stories Kit (5 Fillable PDF Forms)

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The five types of fillable PDFs in the Genealogy Stories Kit can help preserve family stories, personal characteristics, and special connections - the type of information that is seldom found online, but is so important to understanding family dynamics and researching ancestry.

We custom designed these forms based on requests from genealogists and family historians, and redesigned them as PDF digital downloads that can be printed out at home on 8.5 by 11 inch paper, or saved on the computer with typed input. The fillable genealogy PDFs include:

  • Genealogy dossier (double-sided)
  • Visual family group sheet
  • Extended family branches worksheet
  • Extended family notes
  • Four-generation pedigree chart
  • Instructions

Detailed explanations of the PDF set are included below. There is also a paper version of the kit, printed on acid-free paper in the United States. 

We strongly recommend using a standard desktop PC or laptop (Windows or Mac) and the free Adobe Reader application to open and resave the PDFs. The fillable PDFs are not designed to work with other desktop applications or mobile phones.

Genealogy Dossier

Tell the story of your ancestor with facts, information about family origins, growing up, and moves/migration (we recommend using specific addresses and the years if possible). The dossier also includes spaces for personal characteristics such as interests and appearance, and notes about family life including relationships that may not be recorded elsewhere (mentors, godparents, etc.) Jobs, schools, language, religious upbringing, military service, civic participation, and even "quirks" can be added to the sheet!

Extended Family Notes

Establish a "big picture" view of the entire extended family, from key members of the clan to the impact of historical events. Personal events might include accidents, major moves, court cases, business successes, or other events that changed the family's trajectory.

Visual Family Worksheet

Chart three generations of a single family, including 2 parents, 12 children, 4 grandparents, and 8 siblings of each parent. This is a great way to visualize extended family, including connections to other branches. Use multiple sheets and cross-reference as needed.

Extended Family Branch Worksheet

Track branches of an extended family as children get married and start their own families. Branch/surname can be basic ("Smith") or reference locations or people ("Abraham Smith", "Chicago Smiths"). Years/generation can list a range of years (1912-1946) or numerals (2nd, II, 2). The "No." field is for your own referencing system (numbers, letters, roman numerals, etc.) Use the Location/notes field for towns or regions, or other tracking information.

Four-Generation Pedigree Chart

Use this pedigree chart to track your (or an ancestor’s) 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, and 16 great-great-grandparents. The chart contains fields for recording birth, death, and marriage information. All names are numbered for easy cross-referencing.


  • We strongly recommend using a standard desktop PC or laptop (Windows or Mac) to open the PDFs, as it is very difficult to work with PDFs on an iPad or mobile phone. 
  • The download is delivered as .zip archive file containing the PDF chart and PDF instructions. If you can't find the file in your downloads folder, search your hard drive for EASYGENIE to reveal its location. Instructions to extract the PDF files can be found here.
  • Purchasers can print or copy the PDFs as many times as needed for personal use, but online sharing or resale is against EasyGenie's terms. To share fillable PDFs via email with relatives or friends, please purchase additional copies as needed.
  • Click the mouse in the fields next to each label (for instance, name, date of birth, etc.) and start typing.
  • The fields may be highlighted in blue on the screen, but won't be visible when printing.
  • Use the TAB key to advance to the next field.
  • Have fun!

Preprinted option

Stories kit preprinted on acid free paper

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