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Jumbo Genealogy Starter Bundle

Jumbo Genealogy Starter Bundle

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What's included

✅ STARTER KIT: 7 types of genealogy forms (40 sheets total)

✅ LARGE PRINT KIT: 10 four-generation pedigree charts, 10 five-generation split fan charts, 10 two-sided family group sheets

✅ GENEALOGY STORIES KIT: 5 types of forms, 30 sheets in all!

✅ BIG CHART SAMPLER: 4 folded large-format genealogy charts covering up to 10 generations!

✅ GENEALOGY BASICS IN 30 MINUTES: award-winning book

✅ ARCHIVAL PEN & PENCIL SET: 5-piece set

Why use this genealogy set

The Jumbo Genealogy Starter Bundle by EasyGenie makes a fantastic gift for genealogists or people just getting started with their family history! It includes everything a new genealogist needs to begin organizing, preserving, and sharing family history, including small and large format charts, sheets to record family stories, an archival pen and pencil set, and the award-winning guide to genealogy by professional genealogist Shannon Combs-Bennett.

Detailed descriptions

Blank Genealogy Forms Starter Kit

These custom genealogy charts were designed with ease-of-use and readability in mind, with clear fonts, logical organization, and lots of space to record genealogy data such as names, dates, locations, citations, and other information. It includes the following 8.5 x 11 inch sheets:

  • Five generation pedigree chart (14 sheets)
  • Family group sheet (12 sheets, two-sided, 24 children max)
  • Genealogy cemetery record (4 sheets)
  • Genealogy research log (4 sheets)
  • Genealogy correspondence log (2 sheets)
  • Genealogy records inventory (2 sheets)
  • Genealogy photo inventory (2 sheets)

Genealogy Stories Kit

Preserve family stories, personal characteristics, and special connections - the type of information that is seldom found online, but is so important to understanding family dynamics and researching ancestry. Includes the following 8.5 x 11 inch sheets:

  • Genealogy dossier (10 sheets, double-sided)
  • Visual family group sheet (5 sheets)
  • Extended family branches worksheet (5 sheets)
  • Extended family notes (5 sheets)
  • Five-generation pedigree chart (5 sheets)

LARGE PRINT Genealogy Charts and Forms Kit

Three types of LARGE PRINT forms to document and preserve your genealogy research! No more squinting or using magnifying glasses to fill out genealogy forms with your family research. Includes the following large print sheets (8.5 x 11 inches):

  • Four-generation pedigree charts (10 sheets)
  • Five-generation split fan charts (10 sheets)
  • Family group sheets (10 sheets, two-sided, 17 children max)

Big charts sampler

All four of our large format charts, from the large print six generation pedigree chart (22 x 17 inches) to the HUGE 10 Generation Blank Pedigree Chart (22 x 36 inches). Folded for easy storage.

  • Ten Generation Blank Pedigree Chart (1 sheet, folded)
  • Nine Generation Fan Chart (1 sheet, folded)
  • Eight Generation Blank Pedigree Chart (1 sheet, folded)
  • LARGE PRINT 6 Generation Pedigree Chart (1 sheet, folded)

Genealogy Basics In 30 Minutes

Authored by professional genealogist Shannon Combs-Bennett, this genealogy book explains the joys, challenges, and triumphs of researching your family's origins. Paperback, 102 pages.

Archival Pen & Pencil Set

Do you need quality writing implements to work on your acid-free genealogy charts and worksheets from EasyGenie, and preserve your data for the long haul? This five-piece set includes:

  • Two pens with archival-quality ink (one fine point, one medium point).
  • Two pre-sharpened pencils for genealogy worksheets and "penciling in" names.
  • One premium eraser for removing pencil markup.

Instructions included.


All EasyGenie charts and forms are printed in the USA on acid-free paper using high-quality offset and digital printers. As noted by the Library of Congress, "good quality paper stored in good conditions (cooler temperatures; 30-40% relative humidity) are able to last a long time - even hundreds of years."

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