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NEW: Genealogy Inventory & Records Fillable PDF Set (4 Forms)

NEW: Genealogy Inventory & Records Fillable PDF Set (4 Forms)

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✅ Genealogy record sheets to type into and print out at home!

✅ Includes research log, correspondence log, records inventory, and photo inventory

✅ Designed to allow "tabbing" through fields to speed up data entry.

✅ 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

✅ Make as many copies as you need for personal use!

Why use these genealogy PDFs

NEW! Four forms for recording important genealogy records, redesigned as a PDF digital download that can be printed out at home on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

All four of the forms are fillable PDFs - enter text into the forms on-screen to save for later or print out!

Many of the fields can take two levels of text, and they are designed to be quickly "tabbed" through as you complete a field and want to move onto the next one.

Types of genealogy PDFs

  • Genealogy research log for tracking day-to-day tasks and avoiding repeated searches.
  • Genealogy correspondence log to record phone calls, emails, letters, and other queries.
  • Genealogy records inventory sheet to list important vital records and documents.
  • Genealogy photo inventory log to track crucial family photos and the people in them.
  • Instruction sheet with basic tips.

How to order & use

EasyGenie strongly recommends using a standard desktop PC or laptop (Windows or Mac) to open the PDFs, as it is very difficult to work with PDFs on an iPad or mobile phone. The only recommended application for printing EasyGenie PDFs is the free Adobe Reader application.

The PDFs will be delivered to your email address or accessed via a download link using a .zip archive file. Follow the instructions on this page to open the .zip archive and access the genealogy PDFs. 

Purchasers can print or copy the PDFs as many times as needed for personal use, but online sharing or resale is against EasyGenie's terms. To share fillable PDFs via email with relatives or friends, please purchase additional copies as needed.

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