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9-Generation Fan Chart Set (Unfolded, Ten Sheets)

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✅ UNIQUE drop-down cells for the spouse and up to 11 children.

✅ 17 inches wide by 22 inches tall, rolled for fold-free shipping

✅ A single fan chart covers 9 generations with spaces for 267 names

✅ Unique feature: additional cells for a spouse and up to 11 children 

✅ Black ink on white acid-free paper, printed in the USA

Why use this genealogy set

Do you want a genealogy fan chart suitable for framing or using as a wall poster? The Unfolded 9-Generation Fan Chart Set by EasyGenie is a perfect gift for genealogy researchers who need to track ancestors and preserve the information for many decades to come. Each fan chart includes a unique feature - additional cells for a spouse and up to 11 children!

Trace nine generations in all - each cell in the fan chart is numbered, and can hold up to 255 names, along with 12 additional lettered cells for the spouse and children.

Whether you are working with data from, taking notes from a recent genealogy road trip, or interviewing older relatives, these genealogy fan charts are a superb resource and a great gift for genealogists.

The fan chart bundle makes a great genealogy gift for anyone who wants to build a family tree and track family history.

Manufacturing & shipping:

Made in the USA on acid-free paper that won't yellow or crumble. The pedigree chart is printed on 17 x 22 inch sheets of acid-free paper using an offset press, the gold standard for printing quality.

The blank fan charts are unfolded, 22 inches wide and 17 inches tall, and are shipped rolled up in a USPS Priority Mail tube-style mailer

Please note: The unfolded genealogy chart sets are carefully rolled up in a USPS Priority Mail triangular tube for shipping. Please select USPS Priority Mail shipping or Express during the checkout process. If other shipping services are selected, EasyGenie reserves the right to ship the unfolded charts using USPS shipping.