A five-star review for our genealogy newsletter and large-print forms

A five-star review for our genealogy newsletter and large-print forms

Recently, we received a new 5-star review from a customer. Shelley said:

"Your weekly emails are one of the few that I enjoy reading! I have bought your forms and they are my favorites among the many styles and varieties I have seen over the 30+ years I have been interested in Genealogy. I enjoy reading your stories from your family histories and those from others that you often include. Glimpses of your family and your business makes you real, and I will continue supporting your company. I thank you for the large print forms. I am into my 70s now and have always had vision issues but now I am on the other side ... the struggle has continued and the larger forms are a blessing!"

Shelley, thank you so much for the kind words. The large print forms are unique, and we use them ourselves (the image above shows our large print family group sheet for a family branch from Rhode Island). Other types include a large print fillable genealogy PDFs set and a 10-pack of large format 6-generation pedigree charts pre-printed on high-quality paper. We are not aware of any other company that makes something similar.

For customers who prefer the large print forms, we have several types currently on sale (check out the EasyGenie genealogy sale page).

Regarding our free genealogy newsletter: We really do try to keep it real, and readers seem to agree. Every week, it goes out to nearly 20,000 people, and more than half of you open it!

We make sure to include a good mix of:

Our newsletter is always free, and you can opt out at any time.

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