Why unfolded genealogy charts are going away next week

Why unfolded genealogy charts are going away next week

Last month, we mentioned that large-format unfolded genealogy charts are going away. We wanted to explain what's going on with the charts, and why we will stop taking orders for them next Friday (June 17). Part of it relates to the nature of the unfolded charts, which are only available on EasyGenie.org. But the other part of the story relates to our business and big change for Nicole. 

The unfolded charts are the best charts we offer for genealogists interested in creating an heirloom-quality family tree to highlight in their homes or pass down to the next generation. They are big, ranging between 11 x 17 inches to 22 x 36 inches. We have samples in our office done in fine calligraphy, and have seen works by customers who have framed their trees. Some people use them as worksheets, or make posters of their research to use as a quick reference for branches going way back. 

There are 6 types of unfolded charts:

unfolded genealogy charts shipping

The unfolded charts require careful handling. It takes Nicole about 20 minutes to prepare a single shipment, which requires rolling them up with protective paper and inserting them into a long cardboard tube. Only she can do it at the quality and speed required for our customers. 

But, as of Monday, June 20, Nicole will be returning to the hospital to work full-time. Business has slowed for us since last year, and costs have gone up. Advertising is more expensive. Shipping is more expensive. A few months ago we had to start buying our own health insurance, at a rate of more than $35,000 per year for a family of 4. The only way we can keep going and get relatively inexpensive health insurance is if she returns to her old place of work, which means some of the tasks she once handled pass to Ian ... or get dropped altogether.    
Will the unfolded charts ever return? Maybe during the busy holiday period, if we have any old stock, and Nicole has the energy to help out with shipments on the weekends. But we are not ordering new unfolded charts from our local printer, until our business can realistically support two full-time employees.

NOTE: folded versions of the large format charts will still be available, as well as smaller charts (8.5 x 11 inches) and fillable genealogy PDFs.  

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