Reminder: 7 packs and single sheets going away

Reminder: 7 packs and single sheets going away

Yes, this is what our Boston-area office looks like from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve, as the number of orders surges and we work to get genealogy charts packed and out the door!

On December 1, we added a lot of new Holiday Sale items, including every one of our genealogy 7-packs and single sheets. Note that these specific listings will be permanently removed from the EasyGenie catalog at the end of December, as I explained in an earlier blog post. It's a great opportunity to try out some of our more unusual charts and forms at a low price - or to stock up for next year, while the charts are still available.

For those of you purchasing charts for Christmas, we strongly recommend placing orders on or before December 15. While free ground shipping is available on orders over $50, choose Standard shipping for faster delivery.

Back to work!

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