Which EasyGenie charts will be discontinued in 2022?

Which EasyGenie charts will be discontinued in 2022?

I have some good news and bad news to share about the EasyGenie catalog. The bad news first: By the end of 2022, EasyGenie will discontinue certain paper genealogy charts and genealogy accessories. Specifically, we are phasing out the following items:

Why are these charts, forms, and accessories going away? The biggest reasons include difficulties related to shipping, especially bulky sets or items with lots of sheets that have to be carefully packed up in our office outside Boston (shown above). For instance, our jumbo genealogy storage set takes 20 minutes to box up!

Further, maintaining a large office inventory is a challenge, and we have experienced low sales for certain types of genealogy charts. It's time for such items to be permanently retired.

But there's good news: Many of the charts that are being phased out have alternative genealogy kits and PDFs that will still be available. For instance, the 7-pack of large print family group sheets will be going away, but these sheets can still be purchased in our large-print kit (printed and PDF) as well as a 30-pack.

And just to be clear: EasyGenie's popular fillable genealogy PDFs are not going anywhere! Here's the latest PDF, our 4 generation pedigree chart PDF that takes typed cursive text:

genealogy PDF

We're going to be discounting some of these items over the next 6 weeks, before they are permanently removed from the catalog (or sell out).

Keep an eye on our genealogy clearance page and Holiday Sale page, both of which will be regularly updated, and be sure to take advantage of our free ground shipping for domestic orders over $50.

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