Genealogy Stories Kit: Back in stock!

Genealogy Stories Kit: Back in stock!

Stories Kit

Genealogists, no matter how experienced, realize that preserving stories is of the utmost importance. When genealogists discover a previously unknown story - through family letters, interviews, or old newspaper articles - it is a fantastic feeling.

That was the thinking that drove development of the EasyGenie Stories Kit, released last year. This product was intended to fill a huge gap for many family genealogists who have all kinds of tools to find and organize basic data about their ancestors lives - names, dates of birth, places of death -  but no easy way to record, organize and share family stories. 

Two versions of the EasyGenie Stories Kit were released: A paper set printed on high-quality, acid-free paper, as well as a set of fillable PDFs that can accept typed input and be printed out at home.

The response to both has been incredible. Here are two recent reviews, starting with the EasyGenie website:

"I love this kit. It makes it easy to tell my ancestors story. My grandfather that I never knew passed away on Christmas Day of 2021. So I bought this kit to tell his story. Come to find out he had a real fulfilling and rewarding long life of 85. I found things out that his daughter (my mom) never knew about him. I feel ever since I found this company its been easier to organize family information."

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"There are 5 different forms in the kit and 4 of them are like nothing that I have seen before in over 30 years of doing genealogy."

After running of stock over the holidays, the Genealogy Stories Kit is now back in stock. View the different options here.

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