New Year's genealogy resolution #1: Better organize paper files!

New Year's genealogy resolution #1: Better organize paper files!

This week, I got an early start on something I've been meaning to do for a long time: Better organize my paper genealogy files to make future research easier, and for future generations to have better understanding of my work. It's my #1 genealogy resolution for the New Year.

Currently, too many papers are stored in hanging folders. Other papers and loose photos are jumbled in old manila envelopes. I started to use genealogy binders when EasyGenie introduced archival genealogy storage accessories a few years ago, but with maternal and paternal records mixed together. Not ideal!

So now it's time to get organized. I emptied the folders, manila envelopes, and mixed binders. I took over the dining room table, sorting everything by family, as shown in the photo above.

I then opened up one of our Archival Genealogy Storage binders, and started putting papers in the document sleeves, and photos in the photo sleeves. In addition to protecting the documents, these sleeves are three-hole punched, so they fit right in the binders:

jumbo genealogy binder

I used perforated card inserts (included in the 98-piece set) to label the surnames used in each binder. A few of the EasyGenie genealogy charts and forms I use as worksheets are already three-hole punched (like our large print genealogy charts and forms kit), and can be added to the binders directly.

I am still figuring out the best way to organize files within the binders. I'll share more organizational tips and observations as I make progress in the new year!

Note that we are phasing out the Archival Genealogy Storage Kits this Friday, along with our single sheets and 7-packs of popular genealogy forms (our Clearance page lists what's still available).

The video below explains why we're closing our office at the end of this week, which is why these specific products are being phased out (EasyGenie genealogy kits and fillable genealogy PDFs will still be available, though). The ongoing economic downturn is part of the story, but the high price for small business health insurance (as noted in this blog post from earlier this year) also plays a part.

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