Values that matter to our family genealogy business

Values that matter to our family genealogy business

We were touched by a recent email from a customer. She wrote:

"You're a great company with great products and very customer friendly - even for those of us with less experience doing genealogy. I prefer to do business with smaller companies based in America and I really appreciate that your forms and charts are printed domestically too. Take care and you've got a customer for life in me and I've been telling friends about your company."

What a nice letter! It confirmed to us the values that we use to operate our business:

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Compassion
  • Personal touch
  • Family run
  • Locally produced

We're so dedicated to EasyGenie that we often work on weekends, at home or in the little office shown in the picture above. We even bring our company with us on family vacations, taking inventory and our computer printer with us so we can fulfill orders, as shown below!

Family business on vacation

A few summers back, we had one of our teens work with us in the office. Who knows, someday our kids may run the business or help us expand into new areas.

We also make a point of working with other family-run businesses. That includes our primary printer (Julie and her team at Red Spot Printing in Waltham, Massachusetts) as well as graphic designers located in Tennessee, Texas, and California. All of our genealogy charts are printed in the USA, even though it would be cheaper to do it elsewhere.

There's another element that's worth mentioning: A true love of genealogy in everything we do, from the unique charts we design, to the genealogy newsletter I write every week!

Sometimes, when preparing a package for a customer, or hearing some of your stories, or seeing some samples that you share with us, we are amazed by your own dedication to family history ... and the thought that EasyGenie charts will help future generations tell their own family stories.

We truly appreciate your orders and continued support of our business. Please keep EasyGenie in mind when you are considering a genealogy gift for a special someone, or want to embark on a new project to organize your genealogy records or pass down the family history to the next generation.

Sharing our genealogy newsletter with friends and family is also a great help, as is following us on social media and our genealogy YouTube channel.

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