Why are genealogy apps and websites so hard to use?

Why are genealogy apps and websites so hard to use?

Technology is so frustrating sometimes. And, unfortunately, the problem of bad technology interfaces and designs seems to be getting worse. We see it every day in the devices we use at home, and the apps and websites for organizing our genealogy. 

For example, Ian recently attempted to help his aunt set up a pair of wireless headphones so she can watch TV without disturbing others. Take a look at the photo below. The red arrow is pointing to the tiny power button, which is nearly impossible to see because it's the same color as the background material:

bad technology design example

Can you see the button without the arrow? The product is supposedly made for seniors (they feature in the advertising and training video) but it was apparently designed without understanding the needs of their target customer. 

Anyone who uses genealogy apps or websites can tell similar stories about frustrating design. 

While we all love FamilySearch, the mobile app is hard to use. Searches have to be repeated because you can't go "back" after selecting a record to review. The app and website are designed to get new users to upload or start family trees, even though many people just want to access the free records buried in menus.   

At one time, Ancestry used to force genealogists to go through an unbelievably complicated process to terminate rip-off Ancestry.com subscriptions. It was the worst type of profiteering. Users had to click "cancel" FOUR TIMES and check their email for a confirmation ... and if they didn't get the email, do it all over again! Here are Ancestry's instructions:

ancestry subscription rip off

Ancestry is also riddled with bad transcriptions and errors that defy logic (children being born before the parents is a common problem). Yet when users flag these issues, Ancestry rarely corrects the mistakes. 

We know how frustrating technology can be, and try to do things differently. We designed EasyGenie charts to be easy to understand and use, with simple designs and features that make it a pleasure to organize, share, and preserve genealogy. What could be easier than using a pen or pencil on one of our large-print paper forms, or typing into a fillable genealogy PDF?

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